Reciprocal Earth

Reciprocal Earth, in conjunction with the Fold Gallery, Kirby Steven, October 2004.

Reciprocal Earth is a collaborative project between artists from different countries. We want to find a way to describe our idea of Eden, Paradise, Beautiful Earth!

One artist supplies an image, another artist supplies text to accompany the picture. Between the word and the image, we hope that you will find an Eden-shaped bridge. It's all on a postcard, and on the web, so that our picture of paradise can travel.

Kate Robinson is a sculptor from Scotland. I live on the top floor of a Glasgow tenement. I incorporate text in a lot of my work, on sculptures and in images. In fact I've got a book coming out next year called 'A Search for the Source of the Whirlpool of Artifice',available at all good bookshops!

Ferenc Monostori is a Hungarian sculptor. He works in stone, plaster and metal and his work is dedicated to the human form. He lives in a caravan in the countryside in Portugal, amidst orange and olive trees, where cameleons slither around, changing. At the gate to the land is his sculpture, 'Adamastor', a mythic man roaring in marble.

Helena Bangert lives in Amsterdam in an old fire station. She has four sinks in her kitchen and four large showers where the firemen used to wash. In her giant-sized living room, a green hammock swings from the ceiling and a tailor's dummy sports a slim chemise and a dark feather boa. Helena moved from the world of fashion to sculpture and installations using materials such as chocolate and soap.

Kate, Helena and Ferenc met by the sea in Belgium, where they made a sculpture in sand.